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yo! i got into ESO beta for this weekends Stress Test! looked fun from the Quakecon gameplay footage. Hope it still is! --Zulfi Qar

Welcome To The Grim Brotherhood {GRIM} the official Guild Wars 2/Gamer Rant Guild. Take a look around as i work on this site, feel free to give me any tips on what you'd like to see here. As always have fun be courteous and represent our guild with Pride. We are the brotherhood, we are united and together we will vanquish all who stand in our way.
Dungeon Progression

Dungeons   Story mode  Explore Ptah 1  Explore Ptah 2  Explore Ptah 3
 Ascalonian Catacombs (lvl 30)  X  X  X
Caudecus's Manor (lvl 40)  X  X
Twilight Arbor (lvl 50)  X   X
Sorrow's Embrace (lvl 60)  X X X X
Citadel of Flame (lvl 70)  X  X X
 Honor of the Waves (lvl 76)   X   X X
 Crucible of Eternity (lvl 78)  X  X  X X
 The Ruined City of Arah (lvl 80)  X   X X
 Fractals of the Mists lvl 10(X)  lvl 20 ( )  lvl 30 ( )  lvl 40 () 
Guild News

2014, return of GRIM?

The Pirate King, Nov 25, 13 3:25 PM.

New Gamer Rant

The Pirate King, Jul 29, 13 9:22 AM.

Bazaar Inc! (good stuff here)

The Pirate King, Jul 2, 13 1:18 PM.

New Coming patch, its getting better now that there more back to back, now if they can make them a little more engaging or permanent. In any case running alts , join us as the Grim retake Stormbluff!! Check out the new stuff dropping 7/9/2013! HERE
- Account Achievement Reward System
-New and Improved Achievement Panel UI
-New PvP Map: Skyhammer
-World vs. World Build and Repair Mastery
-Personal Quartz Node
-New Mini-game: Belcher’s Bluff

Incoming awful steam punk gear!

The Pirate King, Jun 21, 13 4:08 PM.

Skypirates the new living story is dropping down on June 25th, I'll actually be on more on nights, to run an alt and see if i get the steam (ha! steam , get it?) to actually play throu this story event. So if your still interested in joining, ill be on vent every night talking smack about xbox and wishing for Last of us DLCs. Check out the new info HERE


The Pirate King, Jun 4, 13 2:16 PM.
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Ascalon Catacombs (2)
  AC Path 2
  Story Mode

Caduceus Manor (3)
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  CM Path 2
  CM Path 3

Citadel of the flame (1)
  Story Mode

Crucible of eternity (1)
  Story Mode

Guild Events (10)
  Getting grouped for Straits Destruction!
  Guild meet
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  Image uploaded by The Pirate King
  Image uploaded by The Pirate King
  Straits Destruction 2!
  Straits Destruction 3!
  Straits Destruction 4!
  Straits Destruction!

Holiday events (4)

Honor of the waves (1)
  Story Mode

Sorrows Embrace (0)

Twilight Arbor (2)
  Story Mode
  Story mode

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